Construction Skills/Safety Training

Apprentices will be required to attend two 160 hour training sessions at the Laborers' Training & Apprenticeship Institute in Washington, DC.  Both sessions consist of four consecutive five-day weeks, Monday through Friday, eight hours per day. The first session is normally held in the spring and the second session is normally held the following winter as outlined below.   

  • Spring Session: 
  • 1st Year of Participation - 160 hours
  • Basic Construction Craft Laborer Skills 
  • Concrete Practices and Procedures 
  • Mason Tending and Scaffold Building
  • Winter Session:
  • 2nd Year of Participation - 160 hours  
  • Line and Grade/Instrument Reading
  • Pipe-Laying/Trenching and Shoring
  • Cutting and Burning/Demolition